First Encounter (Port-aux-Basques)

The Barrens (Trepassey)

Tuckamore in Port-aux-Basques

Harbour Round (1)

Gros Morne

Flowers Cove

Blanc-Sablon (1)

Bellbiels (1)

Dead Museum - Trepassey

Icebergs (Keels)

La Scie

Greenspond Harbour

Newtown Sunset

L'Anse-aux-Meadows (1)

Bellbiels (2)

Keels (1)

The Beer Necessities (Greenspond)

Viking Settlement

Magic Bus (Arches)

Old Road to St. Anthony

Friendly Walker - Trepassy

Deadman's Bay (Musgrave Harbour)

Iceberg (Bonavista)

Heading to Cook's Harbour

Bonavista Peninsula

Lost in the Woods (Snooks Arm)

Bellbiels (3)

Fogo Island

Newtown at Night

Old man resting in Flowers Cove

L'Anse-aux-Meadows (2)

La Scie in July

Bellbiels (4)

Keels (2)

Harbour Round (2)

Newtown at Dawn

Blanc-Sablon (2)

Beauty Incarnate (Gros Morne)

Alone on the Endless Road

Thrombolites (Flowers Cove)