About the artist

Founding editor of The American Dissident (www.theamericandissident.org), publishing since 1998, and, like the CS barkeep, a fervent free-speech advocate.  Dissident critic, poet, essayist, and cartoonist (P. Maudit, c'est ben moi!)--most writers and poets don't give a damn about censorship (many partake in it). Doctoral degree (for whatever that's worth) from the Universite de Nantes (France).  Former college and university professor at Universite du Maine (Le Mans, FR), Ecole Superieure de Mecanique (Nantes, FR), Elmira College (NY), Fitchburg State University (MA), Bennett College (NC), and Grambling State University (LA).  Taught courses on the USS USS Boone and USS Bataan.  Presently, teaches online adjunct courses in English and Spanish for APUS.  Readying to call it quits.  Loves to travel in Quebec (iles de la Madeleine, Chibougamau, Anticosti Island, Val d'Or, Blanc Sablon, Vieux Fort, Lac St-Jean, etc.), the Maritime Provinces, and Europe (France, Italia, Deutschland, etc.).  A-men. 

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